Saturday, March 27

i'll hide all the bruises and the damage that done.

27march 2010
Setelah berkurun lama rasanya ak tak update this's one of my top reason. assignments, love issues and a lot of things happened. good,happy,bad and sad all comes into one..huh..*sigh* a lots of problem..Alhamdullilah,i've finished my assignments yg bertimbun dulu on time..lepas jugak hidup ni dr dibelungi research betul ke word dibelungi..erkk..confius..ah abaikan,short sem ni amek subject bm kan so leh tanye lect..haha..bdo ape ak ni..huh..cinta? what is cinta? maybe things changed as time passing by..i'm okayy..seriously lah..i've movingg the chance to know a few people which i can say they're alwesome..sekepala and can talk and share a lot of things together..thanks new friends..u make my whole day bright as bright as the sun..ahh methapore pula ak kat cni kan..hehe.three more papers to go for finals..ain study study jgn dok kat dpn lappy ni je..monologue sendiri tp mata dok hingap kat lappy ni gak..haha..balik ipoh untuk menenangkan diri yg least ada family yg memenuhi ruang masa youu ayah,mama,along and teahh..a lottt..heh..omg tak sabar nak cuti okay..even thoug 2weeks je kan before short sem tp sgt legaaa..dpt lah rehatkan otak ni drpd facts2 yg harus diingat kan..huh..i better stop now..lapar, nak masak meggy..haha..mkn je to go for now..hve a nice day..;))

2things i really would like to do at this moment:
1st- naek belon udaraaa..( terlepas peluang haritu nak naek kat ptrajaya..*sad*)
2nd- pegy zoo...( hell bodo tp i don't care wht ppl might say..cuz i'm badly wanna be there)