Thursday, September 30


Losing hope
nothing left
Giving Up .

Wednesday, September 29


Saya nak chocolate jeee...

Saya nak chocolate jugak..

Bagi lah saya chocolate..

Please lah please lah..


Monday, September 27


25th September 2010
- chillin out with one and only one my love partner iftidar amran..yeuh.."love partner"? ngeeh..hell bestest friend for sure..
- went to Wangsa Walk..lame place is it? haha taktahu jalan lagi lah curve ke mid ke bb ke klcc ke kl tower ke, nnt2 lah bila dah beli gps letak kat wuf2 ifty..haha..damn jgn marah ifty..weeeng weeeng..hehehe..
- hujan, kilat, sesat jalan..cukup perencah mcm perencah nasi goreng adabi..but we had so much fun there..walaupun wangsa walk mcm boring kan tp jalaaan je lah..nak buat ape lagi..the pick or the climax point of the day was "karaokaing"..pftt..nak tuduh kitorang lah penyebab hujan pulak kan? haha.. bulan cinta seround ifty..hihi..=P

- oh yea, and the best thing happened to me on this particular day was....jeng jeng jeng.. suspense is it? haha.. i got an elmo necklace! yeay! given by H I for my birthday present.. its super cute! thanks yea.. =) and not to forget, thanks for the yellow, super something and northern downpour.. finally dpt redeem jugak suara tu kan..nnt nak sign laah..heh..

that's my elmo :)


dah start takde keje.haha

oh yeah! we want you.. :D


eee! dah tak senonoh.

yeay! habis! haha

26th September 2010
- went to Taman Melewar, Ayah's a.k.a muiz place with ifty, busyra, ain, nizam, que, mirul and few more econs and engines friends for open house..
- next station was taman UK perdana ke ampang entah ke dkt2 tmpt ni? sorry i got B for my PMR's geography..pftt..:D open house at Jenny's place..
- so much fun, so much makan..haha..gemuk? holy yeah! haih..

oh camera? peace yaw! haha

no camera for b please.. :P

oh picture again? yea sure can.. :P

oh next pose? ok..

what? more? 

ada lagi? ish ish

penat dah lah..
camera loves us! haha

parkinson :D

the guys.. nizam, mirul, que, jenny.

ok dah, till the next post ppl.. :)

Thursday, September 23


Ombak yang menjamah
kakiku sekali

takkan dapat
kukenali lagi.

- A.Samad Said


yes, be my kite.

Wednesday, September 22

Last Night

the words that stuck in my throat and keep pushing me to just spit it out loud..but it just stuck there and failed to find their way out till the end of the conversation..



As i went down the hill along the wall
there was a gate i had leaned at for the view
and had just turned from when i first saw you
as you come up the hill. we met. but all.

we did that day was mingle great and small
footprints in summer dust as if we drew
the figure of our being less than two
but more than one as yet. your parasol
pointed the decimal off with one deep thrust.
and all the time we talked you seem to see
something down there to smile at in the dust.

I want you to feel
as you wear a shirt,
or the watch that you wear around your wrist.
Comfortably, tho I shall make you smile always.

for thy H I 

Super something

You see

I was nothing more

Than a girl who wished

For something different

Watchin her


From a distance

You see

When you came in

It's a different game

You believe in me so much

You turn me from nothing to a girl

Who's super-something

You'll see

I'm better

I'm faster


I'm happier

When you by my side

(Ku lalui semua dengan senyuman di wajahku)

You'll see

I'm better

I'm faster


I'm happier

When you by my side

(Ku tempuhi semua kerana engkau di sisi ku)

The truth is

I was never more than this

Something kept me from reaching out

For something

But my heart is wanting

What it's looking for

Then you came

You turn me upside down

I'm no longer afraid

Of chasing


I'll be the last one standing

You're amazing..keep that in mind..
blog ni tak jiwang laah..

Tuesday, September 21

Happy Birthday Deary Zaty !!

Happy Birthday to my beloved dearest bestest friend,
Izzati Ibrahim!
Here’s a Birthday greeting
Especially to show
How much you mean
Although you surely must know
That without a doubt
There’s no-one nicer than you
Or anyone dearer
To wish Happy Birthday to !!

Awak dah tua laah ! ngeeh..
love you syg!
nnt balik Ipoh jumpe okay.. :)
have a blast birthday..
Semoga Dirahmati Allah Dipanjangkan Usia Dan Dimurahkan rezeki..

Monday, September 20


As u guys can read the title for this post is love..
well what is love means,
me myself i don't quite know how to explain and express neither describe the words that contains L+O+V+E alphabets..
maybe i'm still young or i don't have enough experience in love matters..
for me it rather be complicated or some sort of feelings that full of desire to care or to be loved by someone..
or maybe love to be exact is something that we think about it, sing about it, dream about it and loose sleep worrying about it..
when we don't know we have it, we search for it..
when we discover it, we don't know what to do with it..
when we have it, we fear of loosing it..
it is the constant source of pleasure and pain..
But, we don't know which it will be from one moment to the next..
Thus, love is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define and impossible to live without..

i do want someone to love me and i'm being loved by somebody, i want to have the feeling when someone's call or text me in the middle of the night just to say I LOVE YOU moon.. i want somebody who understands me inside and out..i just want him to be himself..please don't be too romantic or pushing me or controlling me too much and not to be too attached..i'm afraid to live in a life with full of jealousy..i do believe in karma indeed,just be a simple and easy outgoing person with full of jokes and laughters.. if you're the one for me, i'll difinitely shall answer you without any doubts, " i love you too,love" :)  
If you're all of the above, then you're totally my complete missing puzzle.. :) 


Kenapa kita harus mencari sesuatu yang jauh sedangkan didepan mata sudah tersedia ada ?

Sunday, September 19


oh hell yeah.. today is the last day for hols..
malasnyeeeeeeee laah kan..
plusliner 2.35pm..
kene balik ke? halaah i want more hols lah..
tak cukup!! 
bundles of assignments are waiting..
midterms midterms midterms..
holy crapp..
stress stress..

Saturday, September 18

pencil and eraser

i never thought of this before until someone gave this to me.
this is the true meaning of SACRIFICE.
thanks to you H I.


Human naturally desire the unseen,
happiness, joy, love, contentment,
pleasure, gladness, ecstasy, bliss and glee.
Don't these things come from the inside?
Then why on why do we seek for them outside our heart?

Friday, September 17

pictures le tour d ipoh.. :)

My place

afie and me 
Gua kek look tong

me and adib

afie, me and adib

botani eco park

boys over flower :D

nash harimau :P

nash six packs. :D

syafiq lima :)

pictures from afie anwar's fb..thanks yaa..i copy and paste je.. :)


Nurfarah Ain, Nashriq Kassim, Afie Anwar, Adib Izhar, Muhammad Syafiq

My place-->Gua Kek Look Tong-->Nashriq's Place-->Taman Botani-->Iph Parade-->Mcd Medan Gopeng

Thanks like a billion times guys for coming !! really appreciate it do come again next time yea.. all the pictures will be uploaded later.. :)

Thursday, September 16


Aku kini dengan dunia aku, aku tak punya cukup ruang untuk bernafas, sempit perit letih,
aku tak punya kekuatan, aku semakin lelah resah dengan ruang yang sempit, aku perlu mencari ruang yang semakin  mencicit-cicit lari tanpa aku sedar, 
semakin sempit ruang ini semakin sempit.. 
usah peduli apa yang hendak mereka luahkan, mereka tidak merasa, nyahkan saja semua propaganda cacian makian teruskan saja mencari ruang. 
ya, salahkan semuanya pada aku ! letakkan semuanya di kepala kecil yang terus disumbat muatan yang berganda beratnya..
aku tetap mahu cari ruang itu..
usah kau cuba halang niatku.
aku perlukan ruang itu.
ruang untuk aku terbang berlari menari melompat berkejaran selagi aku masih punya waktu untuk itu.