Tuesday, October 26


People come and people go.Only a few ever stay. And even when they do, they only stay for a while. You'll only realize they're gone when they've already left. That's sad but that's life. There are times that i sit and just think of all the people that i have wandered away from. And then i wonder, will there ever be a time when they might reconnect? Not just for a blast from the past but a real reconnection, a rejoining, a resumption of the friendship routine as if the split had never happened. Probably not, but it has happened and i dwell in hope that it might happen again.
But it's true that people come and go. And i never wish for them to stay because they never will when they have no reasons to stay. They will walk slowly outta your life silently and smoothly.
Thanks friends for being in my life even for a while. Thank you so much. Just go and don't turn back.

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