Tuesday, May 10

Love or Crush?

Have you guys ever comes to the point when you really want to figure out whether the person whom is close to you are so called 'love' or 'crush'? yeah same goes to me then, SOMETIMES not each and every time tho. hehh. Well, consequently we tend to call them our 'crush' but it happens otherwise as it is actually 'love' or vise versa. For me, in reality particularly, it comes in stages. Crush is a stage before we're in love with someone. Yeah maybe some of us will argue that "well crush is a crush, you might forget or lost contact with your crush a few months later after your so called 'close-relationship-period' " well cannot argue with that fact actually as sometimes it tends to be true then, some of us might has experienced that sort of situations and sometimes it hurts too as the person whom closed to you eventually GONE and DISAPPEARED from your life all of sudden ! that is sooo miserable moment in life actually. Well yeah return to the stages thingy, crush is like the moment when you like someone. I mean you like him as he treated you right, he always there for you and so on and forth. And true after the crush or liking stage, the 'love' will naturally takes it place in the process. There will be no more crushing moment nor liking moment but it is more specifically to be the love-moment-stage. But it depends on how long or how much times you need to be in the process or in the crush and liking stage to get into the love stage. Maybe a lil bit longer or maybe it just take a very short moment. Who knows right? It depends on us to make it real or just leave it to be just one more 'crush' for us. It's just a bit of my opinion tho and maybe the opinion of mine might be different with yours. No offence yea. Oh and yeah i did googled for some info regarding this. Here are some infos that you might want or need to know. Enjoy reading and take your one step further peeps. :) 

Difference Between Love and a Crush 
Many people cannot understand
The power of true love vs a simple crush
In a crush, his face is all you can see
In love, his face is all you can think of
In a crush, you know he won't help you
In love, you know you have his shoulder to cry on
In a crush, he's just a pretty face
In love, he's everything beyond mere skin and bones
In a crush, he won'€™t be laughing with you
In love, his laugh becomes yours
In a crush, stay away from him for a week, and he's no longer important
In love, stay away from him for a week, and it feels like eternity
In a crush, you see your reflection against his eyes
In love, you see his soul inside his eyes
In a crush, you become his stalker
In love, you become his life
In a crush, your mind finds every way to impress him
In love, you already have him in your power
In a crush, you would'n€™t save his life over yours
In love, you'™d go through any pain to see him through
In a crush, you have no compassion
In love, it's everything you have.

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