Saturday, June 18


I try my very best to avoid headaches, but once and awhile they creep in on me. I really hate headache! who likes pain anyways right? i can't even sleep well after taken a few medicines and even lights and sounds do bothers me. It feels like my head having a really massive spins and my neck feels tensed and my head's gonna burst onto pieces. I rather close all sources of lights and stay away from any noises which can make my head and neck becomes tensed which i can even stand the pain. One of the most annoying things for me about headache is that sometimes you get one that is rather persistent. You take a shower, a nap, some pills and yet still the headache is there once the pills effects wear off. I hate that! I try to get rid of my headaches usually by taking a few extra-strength pills and take a nap if need be. Depending on how tense my neck is, I will sometimes take a few times shower to try loosen my neck muscles. Like i said, I do whatever I can to avoid headaches because for me, they do not go away very easily which i can still feel the pain when i'm sleeping. Can you imagine how hard the pain is? :( 
I have already having this kind of headache since i'm in my primary school. Sigh. Too bad huh? It is. but yeah, this is just a small test for me given by HIM. There's a lot more people out there who suffered from various dangerous untreated diseases which can bear all the pains. 

Oh headache please stay away from me. I don't need you. 



  1. ujiann
    saba k..:)
    bnyk minum air n jgn bnyk tido..:)

  2. thanks !! takleh banyak tidur eh? hehh.