Monday, November 2

Goodbye Nilai..

17 September 2009
It’s been quite long since the last date I wrote on this blog..have been quite busy lately with bundle of assignments, term papers and quizzes to be settled.. yea! Come back to my home town to celebrate Raya of course..but still have to open all the books, notes and study study and exams waiting as soon as I reached Nilai.. gosh tiring lol.. but sacrifices is needed to achieve success right..well I’ve to face it no matter what.. goodbye Nilai.. I’ll be leaving Nilai soon after this upcoming final exams.. will continue my studies in Gombak –the garden of knowledge..haha..yea basically Nilai is just the gateway to the garden of knowledge.. have been stuck up here for one and a half year.. got bittersweet memories here..from here I’ve learned what the real friendship are and how certain people valued friendship as something that brings advantages to them..i’ve learned to be independent and be apart from my family..i used to be homesick dulu..haha! so funny.. can’t wait to be in Gombak..would like to continue my studies in education-TESL..hope I’ll get the chance to change my programme.. but at the same time I’ll definitely going to miss all my friends who still in Nilai.. nnt korang jgn lupa dtg jumpe kat Gombak ok.. jgn lupe farah yg comel mcm barbie ni..haha! What the hell I’m being mumbling about ni..haha! got some personal issues that hasn’t been settled yet..sometimes there’s something that hard to be mind got stuck and don’t know what else should I wrote here,so its better for me to stop rather than merepek-repek dan terus merepek tak tentu hala..till then..i’ll be right back..stay tuned..=))

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