Monday, November 2

Nilai will always be remembered..

4th octorber 2009
Today will be the last day I’ll be in Nilai..
InsyAllah if there is no paper to be repeated! I hope none! But Grammar paper is totally unexpected.. it’s so hard to be answered! Oh god.. plus I don’t even know my carrymarks.. yea madam had lost it.. and I have to re-do the assignments and the quizzes.. what to do.. by hook or by crook I have to re-do it no matter what happen.. *sigh* but there’s a lot of memories happened in the last few days.. our dorm had a farewell party it was totally great! I love you guys like a lot ok! Hehe.. my class group one..we had a hi-tea together at Hijas..sweet moments guys..we thanked everybody and hope to see each other in one is the best class ever! We had our special occasion speech, and my group did a funeral speech which doesn’t look like a funeral actually..haha..we made the whole class laughed till tears coming out from their eyes..haha! yea..this semester is awesome and I’m sad leaving all my friends..hope got the chance to see them in Gombak.. Thanks like a million times.. I love you guys.. and Nilai will always be remembered.. +))

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