Monday, January 17


Yes, i'm sooooo no i mean deeeply into him !
Each days when i see him, my heart's pounding and beating harder!
i wished i could talk to him and and knowing him personally.
yes HIM the only one i wanted to have!

Bhahaha! gottcha darling! Sorry! :D

well he's Paul Wisley or Stephan Salvatore in Vampire Diaries. Gosh! i'm stuck on him!
He's hot maaaaaaaaaaaan ! totally !! :D
nampak macam dah kronik kan aku ni?
Memang! after tgk vampire diaries lagi bertambah psycho! 
I love the way Paul Wisley acted as Stefhan Salvatore,
the way he talks to his girlfriend a.k.a Ellina, the way he treats her right and the way he protects and worries about her! ahhhhh i'm melting............ :D haha 
okay enough!
aku rase macam nak tampar diri sendiri je bila baca balik. HAHA. Well, best vampire diaries ni. Serious sembang! Eh tunggu apa lagi. Gi lah tengok! :)

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