Friday, August 5

My 21st Birthday.

5 August 2011, 

I've just turned 16 teen years old. Can't believe i'm 16 teen now. Okay okay, i knoooow. Enough being perasan-muda-sebenar-dah-tua lah farah kan? Fine~ I'm just turned 21 years old on 12 midnight today. Alaah just turned 21 maa still muda what. Kan? -_-" 

Well, I'm celebrating my 21st birthday at home this year, no surprise party, pranks from friends like last year birthday. Selamat! But i'm glad, this 21st birthday i'm having it with my family at home. Nothing special, bersahur and berbuka puasa together, yet having them on my special day is more than enough for me. I don't need cakes, i don't need expensive presents. I just need them on my birthday. It's more than enough for me. 

I have reflect a little bit of what i have done this 21 years. I can see i've grown up literally. Yeaah, i know i've grown up so much, become the tallest in my family, at school, in uni. That's obvious isn't it? Well just skip about the psychical grown up shall we? haha. I mean, i've grown up soo much in terms of mentality. I can see that. I'm more aware of what decisions to make, i can see the goods and the bads of something and i'm no longer being clingy to others, I can do things independently now. Trussst meee, I aamm now. Haha.

Alhamdulilah, praise to Allah, i'm still alive, awake and still breathing after 21 years. Thank You Allah for giving me the opportunity to share my love with my family, loved ones and friends.

Thank You to my parents for raising me, for caring for me in 21 years since the day i was born. Oh no, since before i even born until now. Thank You Ayah and Mama. I really love both of you, OMG soo much! Thank you for the perfume too ma. I know you're gonna stalk my blog sooner or later. :) Thank you to my sister, along and my little-naughty-mengada sister, teah. Much love! 

My thank you will also goes to someone special whom has been countdowning my birthday date since 2days ago until the last second before the clock strikes 12midnight. I hope you don't mind that i put down in words how wonderful life is now you're in the world. Thank you for making my 21st birthday the best birthday ever. Thank you so much love. :)

Not to forget, to my friends, Thank you like a billion bazillion gazillion times from the bottom of my heart for your warm wishes and prayers for me. I really appreciate each one. I am!  

I hope i can do anything i can to be the best thing to other people. Thank you for remembering me on my special day. Nothing's greater than having the people i love and love me as well around me. Okay, that's it i guess. Happy Birthday to me! I'm 21 ! Weehoo! :)

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