Wednesday, December 22

100th post !!

Poomm Pooom !! Euuuung Poooom! that will be onomatopoeic for fireworks sounds. hahaha. 

Its my 100th posts peeps! 
Haha, poyo kan? orang lain dah beratus2 posts aku baru nak cecah 100? eee tu blog orang ni blog aku.

Well to be exact, every single post that i wrote was basically what was happened on my days, everything that i felt, something which i really like to say from deep down inside, the unspoken words. The things which i dont have the guts to spit it out of my mouth but i shall translate it using sentences tho. Those are bitter sweet sour salty spices stories of my life. 

I would like to apologise to anyone who felt uncomfortable with my posts or anything related to this blog. Kalau tak suka so dont be like wasting your time reading my posts.

And thanks like a million times to my thirteen followers. Sikit je followers, blog saya tak famous mcm blog kakak Fatin Liyana cantik tu. Really appreciate you guys! Oh well thanks to people who did blog walking here even though i knoooow there's nothing much to read and and banyak merepek emo je. Not to forget, Thanks to you too STALKERS ! hihi. Opsss terasa ke?  heh takpe takpe, baca je okay, sebab kalau taknak bagi you guys baca i dah lama open to invited readers je. :)

Erk gaya macam menang oscar award je banyak sangat thanks. HAHA. 

I wanna share something here!!! hehh. You wanna know what it is?

Naaaaa im not gonna tell youu moron! :D

Sengal je kan~ i got a gift from a friend ! yeay i got a gift i got a gift! sumpah macam nak makan penampar nak mati gedik. :D 
Dapat gift yang terbang jaaaauh to Semenanjung. Ye bukan oversea pun jauh tu, tapi jauh lah jugak. 

Terima Kasih Encik H I for the gifts long way from Sabah. And for stock makanan malam malam jugak. :)

Kenapa Ben10 and Birdy Comel? Satu hijau satu kuning. :)

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